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I Never Dreamed This Was Possible…

Why Choose Dental Implants?

Like Natural Teeth

Implants look, feel, function and fit like natural teeth!

Long Lasting

Implants are designed to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance.

Eat What You Love

Enjoy your favorite foods again. Yes…like steak and corn on the cob!

Be Comfortable and Confident

Implants are more comfortable than traditional dentures and allow you to enjoy smiling again without embarrassment!
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They Explained Everything And Put Me At Ease

"I typically hate going to the dentist just like most people but Dr Ganong and his whole team made the experience pleasant. I was pretty scared about my procedure but they explained everything thoroughly and put me at ease. You also get headphones and get to watch Netflix which was a plus! I would recommend Arvada Dental Excellence to anyone!" - Caleen G.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants

Dental implants work to replace missing teeth by recreating the structure of a natural tooth. A dental implant is placed into the jawbone and bonds over time into the bone, just like the root of the original tooth. Once completely bonded, it acts as an anchor for the new tooth (or “crown”), which is placed on top.
The procedure for dental implant placement usually takes one (1) to two (2) hours. After placement, a period of healing is needed to allow the bone to bond with the implant. The average timeframe for this healing phase is between (6) weeks to three (3) months.

The exact length of time for your complete dental implant treatment will depend on a number of factors, including how many teeth are being replaced, whether or not additional procedures are needed (such as tooth extractions), the condition of your jawbone, and any medical or lifestyle considerations that may affect healing.

Dental implants can last for decades, potentially for a lifetime. Even though dental implants can’t get cavities, they still require healthy gums and bone to last. It’s important to follow your dental healthcare provider’s recommendations for oral hygiene at home as well as routine checkups.
Modern dental implant placement procedures are more comfortable than ever. As with any surgery, some mild post-operative discomfort is expected as the area heals (the body’s natural defense system after “injury”). Your provider will help you keep it well managed with customized instructions for you based on your needs and preferences.
People of all ages with healthy gums and sufficient jaw-bone may be eligible to get dental implants. Dental implants are an excellent replacement option for teeth that are missing, broken or severely decayed. Dental implants are also great alternatives for those looking to replace or avoid dentures or bridges. A dental professional can review your dental health history and discuss your smilecare goals to help you find a treatment plan that’s right for you.

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